I am a Senior UI/UX Designer, and loving life in the freelance world. To date, I have worked at a range of agencies, including Branding, Start-ups and Integrated Advertising.

On a daily basis I switch between the Adobe Suite and Sketch to create any one piece of work. As well as rapid prototyping software such as Balsamiq, InVison and Principle. (Really looking forward to trying out InVision Studio). I’m used to working hand-in-hand with Development teams assisting with HTML, CSS and some PHP/JS to ensure that the website is pixel perfect.

My day-to-day ranges from producing initial web concepts, to full responsive roll-out, attending persona workshops to aid my site-map and wireframe production or the design and build of email templates. My work is not exclusively digital, and I have been expected to work on social campaigns, print layouts, and even interior fashion designs.

Something you didn’t know…

Additionally, I am one of the founders/main organisers for ‘The Dorset Plane Pull’, a charity event dedicated to raising as much money for charity as possible. I help to create and run the event, and am currently in the process of bringing the look and feel of the event up to date.

Outside of work, I also love fitness, the outdoors and vinyl. I will happily spend my weekends out and about, or sitting with a Flat White, no sugar, listening to some classic rock on record.

If you would like to chat further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.