Hello, I'm Carl Feltham.
A Freelance Lead
currently based in London.

I help agencies create truly unique and data driven experiences, products and services for their clients.

I have been fortunate to work for agencies both large and small, in Advertising, Digital, Branding, Service and everything in between. This diverse experience has helped mould me into the designer I have become today.

I like to challenge a brief, and get to the route of a problem, as it isn’t always what it says in a brief. I always strive to back decisions in Research, Data, Human behaviour, and a pinch of common sense.

Brand experience

So far, my design career has given me the opportunity to work with the following clients.

Side hustles

Dorset Plane Pull

I am one of the Founders and Design Lead for the Dorset Plane Pull. It’s a unique charity event dedicated to raising as much money for charity as possible. It is what it says on the time, an event where you play tug of war with a Boeing 737, and has raised nearly £200,000 since inception.

Pride in London

In my free time, I am the Design Lead at Pride in London. I manage a team of (currently as I write this) seven designers, and am responsible for all digital work both web and app. It’s an amazing project, change to give to the community, and would recommend getting involved.