D&AD New Blood 2017

  • ROLE: AD, UX, Design and development

For the 2017 D&AD New Blood award I, along with a Strategist and Junior Art Director, submitted a response to the Respect for Animals brief. Our challenge was to create a piece of online content, at the heart of a shareable anti-fur campaign built for the 21st Century. This needed to drive awareness of, and followers for, Respect for Animals, and spark conversations about the cause. How could we convince people that the fur trade is still an issue, that there’s no such thing as ethical fur? Once the consumer was engaged, what then could they do to make a difference?

To answer this brief, instead of just relying on donations, we wanted Respect for Animals to act like a business to raise money, rather than a charity. We decided to create a fake fur brand, one that unites the two most unlikely audiences: fur lovers and anti-fur activists in a movement to change consumer behaviour, the fashion industry and animal kingdom for the better.

My task was to create all assets for the new brand, design and build the website, along with the creation of a social campaign and OOH assets. I collaborated with the Junior Art Director to establish a look and feel, and created the presentation boards for our final submission piece. I’m really proud of this piece of work as I was able to create something that I really believe in, in an effort to prevent cruelty against animals in the only way I know how: through design.

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