Del Monte Facebook app

  • ROLE: UX & Lead Designer
  • AGENCY: Thinking Juice
  • SENIOR: Stew Austin (Head of Design)

The aim of this campaign was push traffic to Del Monte’s social, and increase interactions, which in turn, would turn into more sales. We were tasked to create an app that was a ‘Quick win’ game, that would make users want to come back, as it was easy to complete and participate.

I was first tasked, with this in mind, to wireframe the game, and come up with a process that would work. This was then rolled out in design, and was all about the simplicity of the design, and to push quick wins. There were multiple considerations in the design of this. The main was it went out to all of Europe, so needed to be designed with the understanding that it would be bi-lingual, so needed to allow space for content translations.



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