Roberts Radio web design

  • ROLE: AD, UX & Design
  • AGENCY: Thinking Juice
  • SENIOR: Stew Austin (Head of Design)

To start the project, concepts were required to present to Roberts to replace their outdated current website and to essentially grow a younger audience through design and technology without alienating the less ‘techie’ people i.e. legacy listeners. This task was set to me and a fellow designer within the creative team. I started off the project by wire-framing the required pages, addressing the header structure, and how we intended the user to navigate around the site. I then rolled out this into one of the design concepts, and once I had finished, was picked up by my colleague to create a design alternative. 

The client loved both designs, and took elements of both, to create a new look and feel for the Roberts online brand. I led the UX on this piece, wirefram  and came back in towards the end to do complete responsive rollout of the site, as well as adding in eComm functionality, and any additional ideas I could put into the work.

With web, the design is only as good as the development, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to over-see the production of the website as it was managed by a client side development team which hasn’t managed to reach the sites full potential.

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