Web Designer magazine article

  • ROLE: Writer
  • PROJECT: Williams Jet Tenders (while at Thinking Juice)

While at Thinking Juice, I was given the opportunity to write an article in Web Designer magazine about the creation of the new Williams Jet Tenders brand. I was a guest writer in their Design Diary section, which was a 5-6 page, 2500 word count article to go into the design and creation of the updated brand and what the agencies process was to do this. (Unfortunately I didn’t get to design the article myself though).

This was a new challenge for me as I don’t often write articles, but turned into a real joy as it gave me the chance to explain what usually goes on behind closed doors, and explain the thought process along with the decisions we made. I would love the opportunity to do something like this again, and will always seek to do extra activities outside of my day to day role, something to challenge me in a new way.

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