Williams Jet Tenders website

  • ROLE: AD, UX, Lead Designer & Visual Developer
  • AGENCY: Thinking Juice
  • SENIOR: Stew Austin (Head of Design)

This brief tasked us to create, develop and host the Williams brand both online and on social media to help grow their global presence. This was first pitched for, myself leading the web project, alongside other members of the creative team who tackled press ads, brochure design, logo updates, app ideas and a suggested new look and feel for all brand photography. This was a great success, winning Williams as a new client. This then went through rigorous rounds of brand workshops and design critiques before I rolled the site out across desktop, tablet and mobile. This is a show piece for me as it was one of the first major projects I ran at Thinking Juice, and was work on show to the world.

I then followed this through to development, working closely with the team to suggest animations and interactions, and to ensure pixel perfect design. I assisted with some of the code, easing pressure off the team, and allowing me to help it get up to the standard it deserved.

Visit the site 

Landing page

Mega menu with hover


Mega menu – specification view


Mega menu – browse models

Models landing page

Product details page

Build my tender landing page


BMT – upholstery customisation


BMT – submission page

The Williams way – Brand page