Wyke Farms web design

  • ROLE: AD & Lead Designer
  • AGENCY: Thinking Juice
  • SENIOR: Stew Austin (Head of Design)

Wyke Farms were going through a major rebrand with Thinking Juice, and one of the major goals was to refresh their website. The primary objective of the site was to tell their story, show their brand in the true light of what it stands for – generating a business that their ancestors would be proud of as well as their children. We needed to show old and new working together, heritage and environmental concerns working hand in hand etc. I had worked on initial pitch concepts for the new site, so knew a lot about the brand when the full design came in. 

This site was a challenge for me as I love simple, clean designs, however that would not be applicable for this design job. This was a challenge, and i thrived off it. Not only was it something new, but it was a real technical challenge. I needed to experiment with textures, layering, and a shed load of PS effects to get it into the space you can see now. I also needed to understand the complications this would add for responsive, scalable development, as well as knock on effects to slow load times.

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Landing page – Wireframes


Landing page – Designs

Product listing page

Product details page – Wireframes

Product details page – Designs

Recipe details page – Wireframes


Recipe details page – Designs