120+ pubs in one

  • ROLE: UX & Lead Designer
  • AGENCY: Thinking Juice
  • SENIOR: Guy Stradling (Digital Director)

The brief for this project was to create a website template for the Premium Country Pubs that could be re-used across their 50+ pub network. The aim was to create a more uniform approach to their digital presence, while ensuring the unique feel to each of the brand sites based around content.

The initial pitch stages were carried out by my Head of Design, and once initial feedback was given to the style of the site, it was then my responsibility to design the full site responsively, which included re-looking at the proposed designs and changing for best practice and fully development scope.

This was a really enjoyable task for me as this was being rolled out for a large number of different sites, and needed to be able to conform to the overarching brand identity, but allow for each brand to put its own unique stamp on it. This site also included a booking process which added an e-comm style aspect to the site which was also a good challenge to allow bookings in the simplest way possible.

The final aspect of this project was to create a pod template to create each element piece by piece. My task was to break down each section of the site and show how it worked on desktop, tablet and mobile, along with any required dimensions, and details a developer would need to create the project as intended as this was built in-house by the brand.

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Expanded menu


Expanded booking menu


Home page

Food menu landing page


Food menu details page

Online booking process – Step 1


Online booking process – Step 2


Online booking process – Step 3

Facilities page template – Weddings

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