Unique fundraising

Want to know what’s involved in the Dorset Plane Pull? It’s quite simple really – although by no means a small feat. Teams of 20 people enter to pull a Boeing 737 weighing in at 35,000 Kg a distance of 50 metres to raise money for charity.

Client: Plane Pull
Role: Tech Lead, AD, Design Lead, Brand Manager
Agency: Volunteer & Founder

The Dorset Plane Pull is a charity event that was set up by my family and friends due to a personal tragedy. This pushed us to create the event with the aim of raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Over the years this event has developed into what it is today, rising for multiple different charities, and has raised over £170,000 for local and national charities.


This is non profit/pro-bono work, and is something I find the time to develop and push forwards as a brand. The current charity sector is very outdated when it comes to design, with not many organisations having the ability to spend money on design. I wanted to therefore push the event a lot further and really make it stand out from the crowd. This event needs to attract both business and the general public, so I have used a friendly approach, using photography to really push the event forwards.

The logo was a bit challenge as it’s something that needs to have the ability to be on a small badge, or scaled up to be put on the side of a plane. This means the logo has been simplified from its existing design, and can also be used with other assets such as dates and straplines.

Logo refresh

The event has been running for 11 years, and the logo was beginning to show it. For our 10th anniversary, I gave the logo a refresh by simplifying it, and making it work better in the formats we required.